Plant Health Care

Plant Health Care is important to protect and maintain your trees health. The key component of any plant health care program is early detection, which allows ample time to determine the proper method of treatment. Some common pests and diseases of trees are:

images Oak Wilt- The fungus Ceratocystis fagacearum causes a ballooning effect in the transport system of the tree, slowing or stopping the transportation of water and nutrients. This effect causes leaves to dry out, wilt and eventually fall off. Several treatment options exist, give us a call to discuss your options!

images Dutch Elm Disease- Similar to oak wilt, the fungus Ophiostoma spp. plugs the vascular system of the tree, causing leaves to dry out, wilt and eventually fall off. Dutch Elm Disease is not nearly as common, as most elms that were susceptible have died. Treatment options do exist!

images Bronze Birch Borer- The beetle, argils anxious, bores beneath the bark and over time girdles the stem, ultimately leading to death. The most common treatment option is a basal injection; however, several   options exist for homeowners as well.

images Emerald Ash Borer- See Emerald Ash Borer.


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