Tree Pruning

Proper tree pruning is critical to ensure the longevity and overall health of your tree as well as enhance your landscape. Unfortunately, trees growing in the urban landscape need much more attention than those in wooded areas, due to more stress. Several different pruning options are available!

images Lifting- The selective removal of low hanging limbs become an issue for mowing or sunlight exposure. This is also used when a tree is nearing the roof of a structure.

images Deadwooding- This practice is used when dying tissue becomes either an eyesore or a hazard.

images Crown Cleaning- Removal of any crossing, rubbing, dead, dying or diseased tissue in the canopy of the tree.

images Vista Pruning- The select removal of limbs to enhance the view of an object or line of site.

images Structure Pruning- Generally used on trees younger than 20 years old. Establishing a few objectives at an early age can help prevent tree failure in the future, these include:

  1. Establishing a central leader
  2. Correcting branch scaffolding
  3. Determine the lowest branch in the canopy
  4. Keeping branches below the canopy under 1/3 of the trunk diameter
  5. Keeping branches in the permanent canopy under 50% of the trunk diameter
  6. Prevent or suppress the formation of included bark



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