White Pines in a Tight Spot!

Taking down towering white pines in a graveyard isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of fun, but we found it rather entertaining! This job was months in the making, with a few different visits to the site to prepare a game plan.

The trees were located directly in the middle of the cemetery, meaning there was no lift access, so they had to be brought down by a climber. A crane may be used in this situation; however, a very large crane would have been needed and we were trying to keep the expense as low as possible for the church. We worked directly over several headstones, many of them with dates that could no longer be read.

Each tree was pieced down to about 15 feet before we could drop the trunk. One of the trunks had a World War 2 veteran buried directly under it, so we had to build a barricade of logs to protect his resting place. Amazingly, each of the trees had a fair amount of decay in them! We’re glad we could provide our services to help take down these old growth pines, enjoy the video!